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Thinking outside the box

Luscious laminate and tantalising timber flooring creates a statement in any home. It establishes a fresh palate to a room that exudes freshness or warmth – depending on the colour, texture and style of flooring you choose.

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The Ultimate Flooring Guide

If you’re looking to buy flooring for your home, you’ve come to the right spot! This article will take the stress (and endless research) out of finding your dream floor.

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The golden rules of renovating

Are you renovating for investing or nesting? If you’re nesting, you can afford to splash out a little more and choose luxurious items for your home. If the purpose of your reno is for renting, look at the elements that tenants will find useful such as storage, built-in robes and finishes that are easy to maintain.

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Delightful eye-catcher: Variano

The Quick-Step Variano Collection is an innovative suite of flooring which offers a multiplicity of small planks with differing lengths widths and finishes – long and short, wide and narrow, rough and even, large and small knots, perfectly even or with a saw cut – machined into a delightful eye-catcher with a distinct reclaimed look.

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Interior with Claire Bradley

Claire Bradley has been Editor-in-chief On Inside Out magazine for 16 months and loves going to work every day. “I’m surrounded by beautiful things and great people,” Says Claire. Having recently completed a large renovation of her own, she knows the trials and tribulations of creating a home you love.

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Be enthralled by Quick-Step Imperio

Be enthralled with the imperial qualities of newly launched Quick-Step Imperio. The first thing that you notice about the Imperio range is its exquisite plank size, standing at 2 metres by 14 by 22cm. the length lends any room with an untold sense of depth whilst the width offers and exclusive look, highlighting the feel of authenticity and craftsmanship of real wood.

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Quick-Step at Home Show Sydney

Australia’s leading flooring solutions brand, Quick Step, was proud to be the Gold Sponsor in the 2013 Home, Food and Wine Weekend from 17 May to 19 May in Sydney.

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Why Quick-Step Laminate is different

All types of timber flooring have their merits, but it has to be said that you really cannot beat laminate when it comes to versatility. In fact, it ticks all the boxes in terms of design, durability, and more!

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Why show Love for Laminate

If you’re dreaming of solid oak floorboards but only have enough in the budget to stretch to laminate flooring, don’t be disappointed.

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Don’t be scared to use bold colours

Below is a simple explanation why you should not be scared to use bold colours. Here are 4 photos of the same room, two in daylight and 2 in mood lighting at night. All pictures were created using the Quick-Step Room Designer.

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