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Flooring Furniture and flooring: a dynamic duo

Australia’s leading flooring company, Quick Step, has unlocked the secret formula to interior design success. By carefully fusing the perfect furniture to the flooring, a harmonious and eye-popping relationship will foster before your eyes.

In order to create the right feeling in a room, you must not only take into account the colours of the walls, ceiling and floor.

The relationship between the colours of the furniture and the floor is also important for the atmosphere.

The floor should ideally be two tints lighter or a shade darker than the colour of the furniture. The floor and the furniture may consist of the same colour and wood type but it would then be best to put a rug of a contrasting colour between them.

Furniture of a very dark wood type such as a walnut is perfectly possible on a neutral floor such as natural varnished oak. Light white furniture will also have a beautiful effect here.

Light wooden furniture in combination with light walls and a light floor give a room a peaceful atmosphere. Too much tone-on-tone can however have a negative effect on the room.


According to one of Australia’s leading interior designers and founder of Million Dollar Makeovers, Sasha deBretton, the key to good flooring is that it should always be easy to live with first and foremost and low maintenance is a top priority.

“Colour is very important but also the texture. At Million Dollar Makeovers, we actually use a lot of white floors which people would automatically think would be a nightmare. However, due to the wood grain texture and soft latte hues running throughout the white, you actually can’t see the dirt and white goes with absolutely everything!” Sasha adds.

“I recommend white a lot. If you want a more traditional wood colour, you need to blend this with the colour of the kitchen cabinets and wall colours, carpet colours and the rest of the design story, otherwise you can end up with a very blonde wood look or an orange or red jarrah looks that don’t go with the kitchen.

“So it’s important to make sure the colour selection of the floors works within the whole interior design story first up and secondly, the texture and look of the floor matches the style. For example, French provincial will have a more grainy rustic looking or lime washed look floor. Contemporary will have a more minimalist streamlined wood look floor.

“I only use Quick Step, a quality Belgium product with long warranties and it is a brand I use and trust above anyone else”