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Technical Hub Thermal Resistance

Check the Thermal Rating for Timber, Laminate, Vinyl, Hybrid, Cork, Bamboo and other Flooring products by Premium Floors Australia.

Thermal Resistance – (“R” Rating)

The “R” Rating is a measure of thermal resistance. In the instance of flooring, it is the measure of the floor system’s ability to resist temperature load from one side of the panei and/or underlay, to the other.

This information is of benefit when assessing the performance if in-floor heating systems. The measure is commonly required when evaluating a building’s all round energy efficiency.

The “R” Ratings for Quick-Step with both Standard Combi-Lay and Quiet Step Combi-Lay Underlays are:

Quick Step 8mm on Premium Combi-Lay R = 0.12

Quick Step 8mm on Quiet Step Combi-Lay R = 0.135