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Our Brands Quick-Step Hybrid

If you’re looking for a floor that offers style and practicality in abundance, a Quick-Step Hybrid floor is an offer you can’t refuse. Its ultra-strong core and unique top layer protects against stains, scratches and impact damage, while the innovative click system ensures a fully waterproof floor.

What’s more, with a built-in underlay Quick-Step Hybrid is perfectly suited for renovations and can be installed on almost any surface, regular or irregular.

The benefits of a Hybrid floor mean that they are well suited to wet areas, are quiet, comfortable to walk on and relatively forgiving of imperfect sub-floors. Not surprising, Quick-Step Hybrid extends these natural benefits to deliver a floor that surpasses all others.

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100% Waterproof

Quick-Step Hybrid features our advanced watertight click system. Combined with our water-repellent technology, this ensures a fully waterproof floor that is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas prone to moisture and spills. It also makes your new floor a lot easier to clean.

Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid Cotton Oak Grey With Saw Cuts
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Stylish, authentic designs

Quick-Step Hybrid sets itself apart with its truly authentic designs, feature-rich textures and true-to-nature aesthetics. Meticulously designed and produced in Belgium with genuine bevel edges and matching-embossed surface structure, Quick-Step Hybrid floors will bring style and authenticity to any interior.

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Ultra-strong for maximum resilience

Falling objects, spills and scratches don’t stand a chance thanks to Quick-Step Hybrid’s ultra-strong core and unique top layer with scratch- and stain-resistant technology. Not only does this make your floor last longer, it also ensures that you can truly be yourself in your own home.

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