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ReadyCork Ambient Champagne Sand
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Modern Cork Flooring

ReadyCork by Premium Floors was one of the first brands in Australia to launch glue-less cork flooring. In fact, our company started in 1981 as ‘Premium Cork’. Since then, a lot of other flooring types have grown in popularity, but one thing is for sure: once you lived on cork flooring, it is difficult to settle with anything else! That is why we stay committed to sharing our passion for cork.

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Trees that keep on living

Cork is manufactured from the bark of the unique Cork Oak Tree. Unlike all other trees, the stripping of this bark does not kill the tree: it continues to grow more bark. The new layers are stripped at regular intervals of around 9 years while the tree grows on for centuries.

The comfort of cork in your home

Cork is nature at its best! Warm, comfortable and quiet under foot, it is no wonder why cork is fast becoming popular as a floor covering again, particularly with our range of stylish designer colours. Cork reduces noise, cork is hypoallergenic, cork is low on emissions, cork is easy to clean. Nature played her part in creating a wonderful material and ReadyCork takes care of the rest by adding world-class technical innovations. The result is a comfortable, durable, natural floor you’ll love to live on!

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A passion for cork

When people think about cork flooring, words like ‘old-school’ and ‘traditional’ are commonplace. ReadyCork goes beyond the traditional cork look with a range of stunning, ambient and lively designs. Modern, stained cork flooring such as Slate, Rustic Olive and Antique Leather in the ReadyCork Ambient range redefine the look of cork flooring.

All the natural benefits of cork: warm, soft & quiet

Cork flooring is soft and comfortable to walk on. Cork flooring is also very impact resistant thanks to its natural memory. Cork flooring is warm underfoot in winter, and refreshingly cool in summer, due to its natural insulation characteristics. Cork also has outstanding sound insulation properties, making it ever so quiet underfoot. It is hypoallergenic and low on emissions (E1), making cork perfect for people with allergies. Finally, cork is so easy to clean and maintain.

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