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Titan Hybrid Sandblasted Blackbutt
Titan Hybrid Spring Valley Oak

Wood Look Hybrid

The intrinsic benefits of a Hybrid floor mean that they are well suited to wet areas, are quiet and comfortable to walk on and relatively forgiving of imperfect sub-floors.

What is Hybrid Flooring?

Combining the best of both the worlds of laminate flooring and vinyl flooring, Hybrid Floors are built from multiple layers of scratch, stainproof and water-resistant materials. Not only does Hybrid Flooring combine these durable flooring types, but it perfectly replicates the appearance of wooden floating flooring. This gives you that timber look, without the typical issues that can be associated with it. Other benefits of Hybrid floors is they are low maintenance, comfortable, affordable, stylish and easy to install using the Uniclic joining system.

Our Best Hybrid Floor Brands

Our Hybrid Flooring brands are Quick-Step Hybrid Flooring and Titan Hybrid Flooring. They replicate the appearance of all kinds of popular types of wood including oaks, ash, gum, blackbutt, ironbark in plenty of different colours, shades and sizes.

Wholesale Hybrid Flooring Australia

Premium Floors Australia is the biggest wholesaler of flooring products in Australia. Every major city including Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra and most suburbs with reputable flooring stockists can access our Quick-Step and Titan Hybrid Floors.