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Flooring Quick-Step Floors Withstand Life’s Spills

Spilled drinks in the kitchen? Children making a mess? Worry not!

Quick-Step’s innovative design ensures your floors remain stunning, year after year, regardless of life’s little mishaps.

Peace of Mind for Your Home

Investing in a new floor is a great way to transform your space and boost your home’s value. However, concerns about water damage can linger. With Quick-Step’s extensive range, you can breathe easy knowing you’re getting the best in watertight technology. Both our laminate and hybrid floors, along with the stunning Quick-Step Amato & Faro timber collections, are watertight, backed by a 15-year water-resistance warranty.

European Ingenuity, Global Performance

The waterproof technology on our floors is the result of years of pioneering and successive innovations,” explains Chief Designer Joyce van Waeleghem. “As a Belgian flooring manufacturer, we were the first to develop and globally patent the Uniclic system. Besides making our floors easy to install, this revolutionary click system has the great advantage that the joints between the planks are completely sealed off from water and dirt.”

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Our HydroSeal technology acts as an invisible shield, protecting your floor’s surface and those crucial joints from water, dirt, and even bacteria. The result? A floor that looks its best for years to come, no matter what life throws your way.

The Perfect Finish for Any Room

Thanks to these cutting-edge technologies, Quick-Step floors are the perfect choice for your home!

So, ditch the stress and embrace worry-free flooring! With Quick-Step, you can relax knowing your floors are built to handle anything life throws their way.
Ready to transform your home with floors that are as resilient as they are beautiful? Come visit our showroom today!