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Tips How to choose the right timber floor

You would assume that all floating timbers are the same. It’s just wood, right? How could you go wrong The answer is plenty! Setting aside the plethora of choices with type of wood, colour and price, there are other points to factor in before buying timber flooring.

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Not all timber flooring is the same

Timber flooring is as an investment for your home and there is that expectation that timber floors will provide many years of reliable service.

When choosing which timber flooring to buy, customers need to take a number of criteria into account in order to get the best value in their timber floor.

What warranties are offered?

While most people understand the importance of warranties, some warranties come with exclusions that basically void the warranty should any problem occur. Customers should always get a copy of the Warranty Terms and Conditions and be aware of the product warranties that involve confusing terminology or technical jargon. Other warranties are conditional upon very strict and sometimes impractical maintenance regimes. In some instances, warranties are not even offered, or are only offered by overseas companies, not their Australian distributor. Do your research before purchase. The company offering the product warranty also needs to be reputable so if a claim needs to made, the company is still in business.

Is the product reputable?

At this point, customers need to ask questions, and lots of them.

  • How long has the organisation been selling in the Australian market?
  • May I look at a recent project using this product?
  • Has the flooring won any awards or has the brand been featured in the media?
  • Do you have any current testimonials from other customers who have this product?

Choosing an organisation which has been selling and installing timber flooring for a number of years reflects the brands strength and reliability.

How scratch resistant is the coat surface?

Finding out the number of coats and the quality of the coat is also important to know. The key is to look out for highly scratch-resistant coatings. The resistance of a coating to fine scratches is often a good sign of how wear-resistant the factory finish will be on your floor.

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Remember timber comes from Mother Nature!Timber is not water-resistant and will expand when wet and contract when it dries out. Do not believe brands who claim otherwise. With a little research and lots of common sense, the timber flooring that has true value and longevity will be the product that shines!