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Design Interior with Claire Bradley

claire bradley

Claire Bradley

Claire Bradley has been Editor-in-chief On Inside Out magazine for 16 months and loves going to work every day. “I’m surrounded by beautiful things and great people,” Says Claire. Having recently completed a large renovation of her own, she knows the trials and tribulations of creating a home you love.

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me lately what colour flooring they should have.
They know they want a hard, wood-like surface of some sort, but should they go with a traditional warm timber style, a slick dark cherry option or a light and breezy white?

The answer: they’ll all look great!

Personally, I’ve been craving deep chocolately wide boards for years now, and I’m getting closer to that outcome…. I just need the new home to install them in. I love the contrast they create with a soft mushroomy white wall and crisp white Art Deco detailing in the form of skirting boards and picture rails. Furniture looks great on the dark wood and the choice of rug is limitless with such a beautiful backdrop.

That said, it’s hard to go past the true Aussie beauty of a warm wood paneled floor.

Inside Out 

It’s everything a summer floor should be – cool underfoot but hardwearing and reminiscent of days spent at the beach.

All style work back with a honey coloured board of any thickness, and as people embrace more and more of the mid-century style, different coloured woods complement each other with careful accessorizing. You can’t go wrong, so those who want reliable timeless chic,
stay the course.

Quick-Step Variano Painted White Oak Extra Matt room

As for my future home (I’m already planning two houses ahead), I’m thinking whitewashed glory! With such beautiful Scandi style in both furniture and homewares, there’s nothing like a clean white backdrop to really make the accessories sing. Super pale wood looks great against it, and artwork on white walls really pop. Surprisingly, it’s easier than you think to keep clean (a bit like a white car) and it’s something you’ll never tire of. Where I prefer a more even cleaner finish in the warm timber or dark floor, the more warn and obvious the grain, the better in this style. I can’t wait!