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Timber Flooring Delightful eye-catcher: Variano

The Quick-Step Variano Collection is an innovative suite of flooring which offers a multiplicity of small planks with differing lengths widths and finishes – long and short, wide and narrow, rough and even, large and small knots, perfectly even or with a saw cut – machined into a delightful eye-catcher with a distinct reclaimed look.

The Variano has four exquisite varieties to choose from – each with its own stamp of uniqueness and beauty.

The multi-dimensional approach taken by Quick-Step in creating the Variano range epitomises flooring at its finest. Showcasing the complexity and innovative approach with the Variano is unique in its concept and riveting in its execution.

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Quick-Step Variano Painted White Oak Extra Matt room
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Variano Painted White Oak Oiled

The Variano Painted White Oak Oiled showcases the purity of a white floor, coupled with the wood grain which is subtly exposed – the result is an authentic reclaimed and romantic feel. The wood on this range was first finished with white, after which the surface was given a gentle sanding. Doing so, the higher pieces were slightly toned down, giving them the ‘worn underfoot’ look. Some of the cross-joints which hold the most white, were given an extra bout of sanding.

Quick-Step Variano Champagne Brut Oak Extra Matt bedroom
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Variano Champagne Brut Oak

The Variano Champagne Brut Oak is as delightful as the name suggests. This floor brings a natural, warm feel and an extra matt aspect, similar to an untreated, rough oak floor. The neutral colour ticks all the boxes for a timeless look and feel, making this flooring a cork-popping moment every time.

Quick-Step Variano Espresso Blend Oak Extra Matt lounge
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Variano Espresso Blend Oak Oiled

Like the perfect coffee, the Variano Espresso Blend Oak Oiled, adds the perfect level of warmth and exoticness into any scene. The luring dark shades of this delicious dark floor create the cosy atmosphere that your home deserves.