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Titan Hybrid Spring Valley Oak
Titan Hybrid Stonewashed Spotted Gum

Timber Flooring Articles

Quick-Step Amato & Faro | The first watertight timber flooring

For the first time ever, you can install timber everywhere in your home, thanks to waterproof surface with watertight click on Amato and Faro. With a broad range of colours, structures and finishes available, there’s bound to be a floor that catches your eye.   Your Quick-Step timber floor will never look dirty or dark.…

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The most luxe Herringbone is here!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our stunning new Nature’s Oak Herringbone Timber range! This stylish range is made up of our four best-selling Nature’s Oak decors, and it is well and truly a beauty! These refined, yet rustic panels exude decadence and will be sure to impress even the most discerning…

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Quick-Step expands Livyn collection!

Loose lay, as the name suggests, makes installation a breeze. Simply place the planks on the floor, cut the end of the row with a utility knife and start the next row. Then, bring them together tightly and in a straight line. Thanks to the Anti-Slip True grip technology on the bottom, the plank won’t budge. With its all-new super-sized 1500mm planks, loose lay is perfect for the DIY enthusiast. It also comes with a 25-year warranty.

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Delightful eye-catcher: Variano

The Quick-Step Variano Collection is an innovative suite of flooring which offers a multiplicity of small planks with differing lengths widths and finishes – long and short, wide and narrow, rough and even, large and small knots, perfectly even or with a saw cut – machined into a delightful eye-catcher with a distinct reclaimed look.

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Be enthralled by Quick-Step Imperio

Be enthralled with the imperial qualities of newly launched Quick-Step Imperio. The first thing that you notice about the Imperio range is its exquisite plank size, standing at 2 metres by 14 by 22cm. the length lends any room with an untold sense of depth whilst the width offers and exclusive look, highlighting the feel of authenticity and craftsmanship of real wood.

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