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Design Don’t be scared to use bold colours

Quick-Step Perspective Nature Brushed Oak Brown

Below is a simple explanation why you should not be scared to use bold colours.

Here are 4 photos of the same room, two in daylight and 2 in mood lighting at night. All pictures were created using the Quick-Step Room Designer.

Take notice of the neutral off white wall colour, day and night shots. The room has dark grey flooring (Quick Step Rustic Oak Grey) with a choice of 2 accent rugs for a pop of colour and simplistic furniture. Nice, spacious, but missing something in the ambience of the room…

Quick-Step Perspective Nature Waxed Oak Brown

Now take notice of the same room with a deep bold colour added to the walls. Notice how the flooring (Quick-Step Rustic Oak Grey) takes on a more dramatic look and feel in the room. Just what you want when you’re building or renovating… a dramatic look in at least one of your rooms!

This can be achieved by dedicating one room, these days the Home Theatre, as the space within your home with its own identity.

Feature walls will never really fade out of fashion. You can add a dramatic colour to one or more walls in your home to give an ambience if you don’t want to dedicate a whole room to colour. Make sure you choose the appropriate wall for your feature wall.