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Laminate Flooring Quick-Step Perspective Nature: our most refined, water-resistant laminate floor

When Quick-Step launched in 1990, the brand immediately put laminate flooring on the map. While we have since expanded in wood and vinyl flooring, we have continued to improve our laminate category with even more life-like design, structure and performance. In 2019, this process has led us to our brand new Perspective Nature collection.

The history of Quick-Step is laden with tales of daring entrepreneurship and innovation. Thanks to that rich history, we’re not only able to present some of the most beautiful floorings on the market, but the strongest as well. We pride ourselves on a dedication to beauty and elegance that is built to last.

Perspective Nature collection

Quick-Step Perspective Nature Patina Oak Brown
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Quick-Step’s Perspective Nature collection: redefining the essence of beauty

Perspective Nature is inspired by nature and pure influences, with white and light colours dominating the palette. They were also inspired by the re-emergence of warm naturals and exotic colours from Africa and Latin America. The common thread present in all these floors is an eye for detail and a sense of craftsmanship.

“It’s always been our goal to create the most beautiful laminate floors. Perspective Nature, our latest collection, is marked by unprecedented levels of refinement.”

– Katrien de vlieger, design manager & laurent meersseman, r&d director at quick-step

Quick-Step Perspective Nature Soft Patina Oak

The most refined water-resistant laminate floor

The Perspective Nature collection brings together 30 years of innovation, perfection, creativity and technological leadership, resulting in a new innovative and ground-breaking range that delivers life-like design, detailed structures and unparalleled performance not seen before in laminate flooring.

Quick-Step Perspective Nature Painted Oak White

Top performance

At Quick-Step, we never compromise on quality. Perspective Nature has a 100% waterproof surface and therefore perfect for installation in damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Quick-Step Perspective Nature Brushed Oak Beige

Refined in every detail

The ethos behind Perspective Nature is a laminate floor that looks and feels like real wood, without compromise. Since 1990, Quick-Step has continually pushed the development boundaries in ease of installation and water-resistant flooring and with Perspective Nature they have now perfected the realistic attributes of a real wood floor. The design and the joints are more refined and authentic; the structure precise and sharp.

For the die-hard wood lovers

With the Perspective Nature collection, they went to great lengths to create a top-shelf laminate floor, the closest to real wood ever seen. A wood lover in your shop? Show them Perspective Nature, let them feel the structure and seal the deal!

For the style-savvy devotees

To dream up new and authentic floors, a close eye is kept on architecture, fashion and design. The 12 new designs reflect the latest trends of craftmanship, with different techniques used to create detailed structures, a patina effect, cracks, … all inspired by the latest trends.

For performance-driven consumers

A Quick-Step laminate floor is made to last a lifetime. Appreciate the look and feel of real wood while still enjoying the comfort of a laminate floor. Through its characteristic water-resistant nature, Perspective Nature is the perfect match in damp areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

Quick-Step Perspective Nature Brushed Oak Grey

Brushed Oak: A showpiece of structure

Brushed oak fits in perfectly with different interior styles. This floor is based on a brushed European oak sprinkled with a few subtle cracks and knots. The subtle brushed effect really brings out the natural imperfections and gives each plank a soft, rustic character.

The originals stand out by their natural imperfections and sit perfectly with current tactile trends. For this new floor, the design team not only wanted to create the look but also the feel of real wood with its refined and detailed structure.

To achieve this level of realism, a new technology was developed. The plate pressing a structure consists of no less than 64 varying depths on the surface as well as in the bevel – a feature that’s unseen in laminate flooring. This creates a play of light and shadow and a visual depth effect, which previously could only be recreated with heavy gloss levels. A brushed structure runs through the joint, reinforcing the authentic, refined look.

The brushed effect really highlights the oak’s structure and makes the floor not only look but also feel like real wood. To accomplish this, we developed a new technology to create 64 different depths. In addition, the way the light hits these variations in depths creates a subtle difference in gloss levels. The attention to detail is quite astounding and demanded our engineering team to go above and beyond what’s possible.

Perspective Nature collection