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Titan Hybrid Spring Valley Oak
Titan Hybrid Stonewashed Spotted Gum

Laminate Flooring Articles

One of our best-selling collections has just been enhanced

Discover the refined structures of our all new Quick-Step Classic Laminate range – exhibiting ultimate realism in eight beautiful new designs. The new natural look & feel has been achieved through ‘in-register embossing’, advanced technology that produces a surface texture which perfectly matches the design pattern. Close your eyes and you can feel the true appearance of…

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Laminate has never been so water resistant

Leading Australian flooring solutions brand, Quick-Step, has launched a range of water-resistant laminate flooring – combining the splendour and durability of laminate flooring with the versatility and convenience of water resistance. Making laminate floors 100% waterproof, without the need for seals or additional coatings? Quick-Step is the first to succeed in this challenge.

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Quick-Step expands Livyn collection!

Loose lay, as the name suggests, makes installation a breeze. Simply place the planks on the floor, cut the end of the row with a utility knife and start the next row. Then, bring them together tightly and in a straight line. Thanks to the Anti-Slip True grip technology on the bottom, the plank won’t budge. With its all-new super-sized 1500mm planks, loose lay is perfect for the DIY enthusiast. It also comes with a 25-year warranty.

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Sweet dreams in style: A new floor for your bedroom

Your bedroom is the room you will spend the most time in your whole life. It is the room where comfort and ambience is paramount. Choosing the perfect floor that complements varied tastes and functionality can be a challenge.

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