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Laminate Flooring Sweet dreams in style: A new floor for your bedroom

Quick-Step Variano Champagne Brut Oak Extra Matt bedroom

Your bedroom is the room you will spend the most time in your whole life. It is the room where comfort and ambiance is paramount. Choosing the perfect floor that complements varied tastes and functionality can be a challenge. Quick-Step has the breadth of choice that will make the decision much easier to reach.

Quick-Step’s laminate floors offer a wide choice of designs to match any bedroom style: planks or tiles, modern or traditional, you name it! What’s more, the hardcore boards in combination with a Quick-Step underlay guarantee a solid, pleasant sound when walked upon.

From the exquisite Eligna, luscious Largo to Classic and Colonial, Quick-Step has it covered when it comes to pristine laminate that has the look and feel of real timber, minus the price tag.

Quick-Step Palazzo Metallic Oak Extra Matt

Slumber Timber

An affordable alternative for solid wood, engineered wood floors are among the all-time favourites in bedroom flooring. They go well with all types of styles. The natural wood look simply exudes the peace and tranquillity generally sought in a sleeping environment.

From the Variano, Imperio to the palatial Palazzo, Quick-Step timber floors are pristine by name and premium by nature. And thanks to the lifetime warranty on all Quick-Step engineered wood floors, you’ll enjoy them for years to come.

Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid Cotton Oak Grey With Saw Cuts

Livyn The dream

Vinyl flooring is becoming more and more popular in bedroom settings. Quick-Step’s Livyn is a collection of comfortable quality floors that combine the natural look of wood with the practical benefits of vinyl. Because they feel warm and soft, they are a treat for bare feet, and they reduce step noise. As vinyl is an excellent thermal conductor, it’s the ideal choice for usage in combination with underfloor heating or cooling.

The beauty of Livyn is that it is perfect for any renovator where it can be laid directly on top of the existing floor, as long as the subfloor is lever. The uniqueness of Livyn also lies in its registered embossed surface where the surface texture matches the design shown.
It also features a revolutionary TU polyurethane coating – perfect for the heavy use areas such as the bedroom.

Arc Bamboo Brushed Antique

Bedroom Bamboo

ReadyCork Vita, by Premium Floors, is the definitive choice in cork floating floors in Australia. Cork is one of the original environmental friendly products. Cork is also naturally hypoallergenic and with the patented Microban treatment, the growth of stain and odour causing bacteria, mould and mildew is inhibited. Cork is also 50 per cent air, it is impact resistant thanks to its ‘natural memory’ and due to its outstanding sound insulation properties, reduces noise. Cork is also hypoallergenic and is perfect for people with allergies – a perfect foundation for the bedroom.

With the suite of flooring choices available, the hardest decision for the bedroom is which bed to choose.