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Laminate Flooring Three new Largo products designed by Quick-Step Australia

Quick-Step flooring is synonymous with innovation and creativity, and recently, Quick-Step Australia had the opportunity to develop and create three new products for the Largo laminate range in Australia.

Over the last 12 months, Quick-Step Australia’s National Product Manager, Kendall Waller, has vigorously researched and created three beautiful Largo products which will be available in Australia this May. Before the perspiration, there was an abundance of inspiration that comes into play to create a new flooring product. Knowing there was a demand in Australia for wider boards with a matt finish in an Australian species, Kendall embraced this challenge with vigour to find the look and feel that would do the end product justice.
Clix XL Blackbutt

Kendall scoured three Australian states to find the perfect timber – from lumber yards to telegraph poles, new materials and recycled materials – they were all examined and cross sectioned. For the process to go to the next level, large quantities of material was required to hand select the panels which would ultimately be used. The boards were then cut, sawn and dressed, then a treatment begins, using a range of coating products to achieve the best colour and surface finish. Quick-Step also use other effects like brushing, saw cuts, burning, scrapping and marking in order to create the exact finish and look.

According to Kendall, this is the first time that Quick- Step Australia has been involved in adding to the Largo platform. “This has been a real hands on experience, especially in the workshop and with the assistance of another wood floor expert,” he said. “Every board is agonised over, then couriered directly to Quick-Step HQ in Belgium, where the panels are scanned and converted into digital data. “Prior to printing, I view the initial drafts to further fine tune the contrast and saturation. Finally, the exact gloss level is selected and the bevel detail is agreed to.

“Despite the process being very particular, the end result are three sublime products in the Largo range – Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Recycled Hardwood.”