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Vinyl Flooring Introducing Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid | Rigid vinyl high performance floors

The decision of which floor to choose for your home is an important one that should balance aesthetic with performance. Whether it’s a new-build, or a renovation, it’s well worth taking the time to get to know the different flooring options available. When it comes to style and practicality, a hybrid vinyl floor is a very attractive option.

Hybrid, also known as Rigid, is a new entrant to the hard flooring market and is growing in popularity due to its many intrinsic benefits. Hybrid planks perform extremely well, being completely waterproof and extremely resilient to wear and impact.

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Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid Wild Spotted Gum

Quick-Step have used their vast experience in laminate and timber flooring to create the most beautiful, nature-inspired hybrid vinyl floors on the market. Their in-house design team came up with a collection of natural-looking timber designs, each with its own authentic character. Thanks to the extra-matt finish, they are virtually indistinguishable from real timber flooring. And the carefully perfected bevels and structures ensure that they feel as real as they look.

Apart from looks, the Quick-Step team went to tremendous lengths to make their hybrid vinyl flooring as comfortable as possible. Striving for that feeling of walking barefoot across a warm, soft floor in the morning while eliminating the annoying ticking noise that many floors make when someone in heels walks over them.

Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid Cotton Oak Grey With Saw Cuts

Comfort is more than just a nice feeling. It also means not having to worry about your floor getting stained or scratched, or about moisture seeping in. That’s why Quick-Step added a sealed top layer featuring their patented Stain and Scratch Guard technology, which offers superior protection from scratches, stains, dirt and scuff marks. Moreover, a Pulse Hybrid floor is completely waterproof … core, surface and joins, thanks to the watertight click and Hydroseal treatment. Not only does this make Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid super easy to clean, it also makes it the floor of choice for every room, even bathrooms and kitchens.

Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid Sea Breeze Oak Natural

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has always been a safe choice in renovations. Quick-Step wanted to offer even more great reasons to include vinyl floors in your dream house. That’s why Pulse Hybrid is equipped with an easy installation system. The thickness means a “renovation friendly” floor, that can more often be installed over existing flooring.

Unlike typical vinyl floors Pulse Hybrid features superior dimensional stability, meaning no lifting of the floor on spots where the local temperature is higher than the average floor temperature.

Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid Pure Oak Honey

Being the only Hybrid floor beautifully created in Belgium, Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid really stands out from the crowd with its’ genuine bevel edges and matching-embossed surface structure.

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