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Interior Design Interior delight with Margaret Megard

Margaret Megard is editor of Country Home Ideas magazine and editor-in-chief of lifestyle publications at EMG. As the editor of Country Home Ideas for over 10 years from its inception, she’s watched the trends of modern-country style morph from traditional to an eclectic blend of old and new, to even include the clever juxtaposition of funky vintage pieces mixed with French antiques. “I love the fact that Australians can create such welcoming, relaxed and stylish homes and I also love it when we can help give our readers inspiration, ideas and the confidence they crave.”

Margaret Megard
Margaret Megard

Margaret Megard

Most of the homes we chose to photograph and feature in Country Home Ideas have beautiful timber flooring. I think it’s a feature that makes the perfect canvas for home decorating but it can be tricky finding the right solution for your space. Over 20 years ago I decided that hardwood floors were the way to go in my flat and I did so much research and spent a fair amount of money on floating floors. I distinctly remember the complicated installation of all the layers of panelling, rubber mats and finally the clip-together timber boards. But, we’ve moved on from those days thanks to technology.

Quick-Step Perspective Nature Patina Oak Grey

Editor’s Choice

ReadyCork Vita Oak Blanc planks are a great choice when teamed with soft overstuffed furniture in white slipcovers with a twinkly chandelier overhead. Or, it can act as contrast if paired with a table and chairs painted in soft matt blacks.

So you can imagine my joy at discovering the latest from Quick-Step – floating flooring that is not only beautiful, easy to install but durable and quiet as well. A clever new product called ReadyCork Vita is really “engineered floating cork planks” – that is, natural cork flooring topped with durable digital-printed finishes that have an authentic hardwood look. After experiencing a hands-on demonstration recently from Premium Floors­­­­, I would love to move house again so I can lay these little beauties on my floor.

Many of us remember the good things about cork flooring – it’s comfy to walk on, impact resistant and quiet underfoot. But, as far as style goes, it’s been left behind. So if someone were to ask for a clever way to get the look of chic timber floors and still have happy neighbours in the apartment downstairs, ReadyCork Vita would have to be my recommendation.
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The launch of a new and clever product is always an exciting event for us and recently we were among the first to view a couple of new ReadyCork flooring products. Premium Floors is introducing a range of engineered floating cork planks that combine the benefits of natural cork flooring topped with durable digital-printed finishes that have an authentic hardwood look. As cork is comfortable to walk on, impact resistant and quiet underfoot, these click-together ReadyCork planks and tiles are a perfect solution for anyone looking for handsome and practical floating flooring.