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Hybrid Hybrid Maintenance & Repair

All our Hybrid floors are easy to maintain, due to a hard-wearing top layer. Following these simple techniques will ensure your floor continues to performs well under all conditions.

Quick-Step Perspective Nature Merbau

cleaning kit

Fast and easy maintenance of your floor is achievable with the ergonomic spray mop with its’ microfibre cleaning pad. Complete with 1 litre of Quick-Step Clean, it’s the only way to keep your Quick-Step Floor looking it’s very best.

Maintenance instructions for Titan Hybrid

  1. You can walk on the floor during and immediately after installation. Ensure that temperature in the room is always above 5°C and below 35°C.
  2. For dry maintenance, we advise a soft broom or vacuum cleaner. Make sure the vacuum cleaner is equipped with soft wheels and a special parquet brush to avoid scratches on your floor. It is important to understand that steam mops or wet mops are not recommended for any hard surface floor covering. Steam cleaners and wet mops however are permitted on Titan Rigid. If using a steam cleaner, please ensure that a cloth covers the direct steam pressure on any device as this well help an even distribution of steam and heat. Keep the steam cleaner moving during cleaning and, for best results, clean the floor in the same direction as the planks have been installed.
  3. For slightly damp and wet maintenance, we advise to use the recommended cleaning and maintenance kit. Be aware that the use of other cleaning products might damage your floor.
  4. General spot cleaners are suitable for removal of most marks. Wipe up spills and stains as quickly as possible.
  5. Protect furniture and chair legs. Avoid bringing dirt, water and sand indoors by providing a suitable floor mat at the door. Use (office) chairs and seats with soft wheels that are suitable for hard floors and/or use a suitable desk mat.
  6. Never drag items of furniture over the floor but lift them up.
  7. The smooth surface of your Titan Rigid floor will not retain dirt or dust. Remove stubborn stains carefully with a citrus based cleaner or eucalyptus oil. Never use scouring products! Never use wax or varnish coating on the floor.

Maintenance for Titan Vinyl Glue and Comfort

  • Always remove immediately grit, sharp objects, staining agents, moisture or aggressive substances from the flooring.
  • Routine cleaning can easily be done by sweeping, vacuum cleaning or damp wiping.
  • Never use aggressive cleaning agents, soap or abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing oil or waxes. We strongly recommend using Quick-Step Clean as other cleaning products may damage your flooring surface.
  • Do not poor water over the floor or leave a puddle of water on the floor.
  • Remove stains as fast as possible. The longer spilled materials are left on the floor, the greater the risk of permanent staining. An efficient way to remove stubborn stains is to use ice till the material is brittle enough to crumble off. Afterwards, you can remove the residue with Quick-Step Clean. Persistent stains may be removed by means of Eucalyptus Oil or an appropriate PU cleaner.